Using Professional Dictation to Your Advantage in the Remote Office

The past year has been tough for many, forcing us to adapt to new ways of working and living. Many people have had to switch to working remotely full time, and for some this new normal may be more permanent than originally thought, with businesses that are able to generate the same kind of production without the overhead costs of a physical office. Due to the expansion of remote work, maintaining an efficient workflow is more important than ever. Olympus Professional Dictation devices and software, allow for users to continue to execute the same effective workflow processes while working remotely as they did in the office. With high quality recorders designed to optimize audio for speech recognition software, and advanced routing features to share your dictation files among coworkers using the Olympus Dictation Management System (ODMS), it is almost like you never left the office. 

Dictation at Home

Combining the routing capabilities of ODMS, with 256 bit encryption and WiFi features of the DS-9500 allows users to work just as efficiently when it comes to remotely dictating. These three pieces are especially crucial to utilizing professional dictation outside of the office because they, combined, allow for safe and efficient transfer of your recordings. 

Using ODMS & Delivery Emails Remotely

Aside from the recorder itself, ODMS is the most essential part of the professional dictation solution when working remotely. It is what keeps you looped into the dictation workflow, and allows users to properly route their audio files to their folder systems for others to access, directly into transcription software, or to a transcriptionist. Dictations files can also be sent directly to designated emails from your device. Below are some links to guides for best utilizing ODMS and Delivery Emails:

Keeping Your Files Safe with 256 Bit Encryption Remotely

As a result of working away from a centralized office, many more file transfers are being made either through email or ODMS. Protecting this data is now more important than ever. With the 256-bit encryption capabilities of the DS-9500 and DS-9000, you can ensure that your recordings are safe when transferred. ODMS also allows for folder encryption to ensure that any files stored within the management software can remain secure as well. Encryption allows for safe transport of dictation files even over less secure or open networks, perfect for those working in public spaces. Check out the links below for videos and information about using 256-bit encryption:

WiFi Capabilities Outside of the Office

No matter if you are working from home, at a cafe or at a remote workspace, you can easily send audio files back into your workflow with ease thanks to the DS-9500’s built in WiFi feature. Utilizing WiFi on your digital recorder eliminates the need to connect to your computer in order to transfer your files, which can be very advantageous when dealing with time sensitive information. Recorders can be configured to automatically route recordings to a designated folder via WiFi after they are created for even further efficiency using the Wireless download function. For guides and information on using and setting up the WiFi functions on your recorder see the links below: