Web SCP Installation

Managing files via the Web SCP for ODMS 7 can be an incredibly useful tool for an organization with users in different locations.  Olympus Web SCP offers a vast array of features and allows administrators to centrally manage and configure their ODMS environment via web browser.  Contact a dealer to purchase a license.  See the video below for Web SCP installation instructions.

Web SCP Installation for ODMS R7

  1. Download the workgroup launcher
  2. Browse the “Setups” folder for the SCP Installer
  3. Launch SCP Installer, Accept license agreement terms
  4. Browse for SCP.license file
  5. Create password to log into the SCP, username for default account is “admin”
  6. SCP is now installed, click to open to begin using
  7. Enter login credentials

You can choose to use SSL if you wish. You can also connect the SCP to your active directory to make adding users easier.