Web SCP for Improving IT Management

How does the Web SCP improve IT Administrator work functions?

When working in groups with several devices and users it can become tedious to manage all of your assets, whether it is software updates or settings for devices and workflow. 

The WebSCP (Web System Configuration Program) manages devices and software via web browser. The WebSCP is designed for organizations managing multiple users and devices through a central IT person or department. The program contains all the tools required to customize and manage an ODMS environment in Workgroup mode without any hidden ongoing costs.

Olympus Web SCP offers a vast array of features and allows administrators to centrally manage and configure their ODMS environment via web browser. This is an extremely powerful and useful tool given social distancing guidelines. ODMS workflow and device settings can be locked so that organizations can implement a standard workflow for their dictation environment, ensuring total consistency and accuracy, even in remote locations.

Web SCP Features

Updating firmware and software settings can easily be controlled by the administrators. Key features simplifying remote management include:

  • Supporting firmware updates across multiple devices.
  • Active Directory information, for users and groups, will automatically be synchronized.
  • Displays application and version name by User or User Group.
  • Includes incremental Search function to search Author IDs, during device profile setting.
  • Multiple users can be deleted at a time.

The Olympus Web SCP can also be used to track the use of the Dictation and Transcription Modules across the workgroup system. It allows the IT Administrator to update the license simply by entering a new key, making it quick and easy to add more users to an ODMS environment without affecting the entire system. This program provides a wide range of tools to help simplify the needs of the administrators, even in very challenging times.