Smartphone Dictation

When the value of your data matters, but convenience prevails. The ODMS Cloud Smartphone app offers advanced capture and Cloud dictation workflow, all managed securely.

Enterprise security

Free apps are fine, and email has its place, but neither are good enough when it comes to transferring sensitive dictation transcripts. With the ODMS Cloud Smartphone App, files can be encrypted with 256-bit AES encryption and sent directly to the ODMS Cloud for your transcriptionist to access instantly. So sensitive data remains private.

Keep the workflow consistent

Seamlessly integrated into the ODMS Cloud ecosystem, work-types and comments can be added to audio files audio files prior to uploading. This ensures streamlined dictation routing to designated typing pools while ensuring the availability of all necessary supplementary information, enhancing efficiency and accuracy.

ODMS Cloud Smart App

ODMS Cloud Smart App

Smart Secure Dictation