VCVA in Digital Recorders

VCVA in digital recorders

Variable Control Voice Actuator, is a technology developed by Olympus to prevent the recording of silence during an extended time, in an effort to conserve power, decrease recording space, and decrease playback time. VCVA in digital recorders is key to the efficiency of the unit and the transcriptionist, allowing for focused attention on the essential material and removal of the unnecessary silence.

How does VCVA in digital recorders work? 

Digital recorders armed with VCVA are able to sense the range of volume that the recording will be. If the recording falls below this volume level, the VCVA will pause recording and conserve energy and space. The recorder will restart recording once the volume of speaker reaches the preset threshold. 

Ideal for hands free recording, the VCVA technology enables intelligent recording by capturing what is truly needed and removing extra silence. The sensitivity can be adjusted during recording using the plus and minus buttons. Be sure to activate VCVA in the recording menu by moving the selector to the ON position prior to starting your recording.

See this video for directions on activating VCVA on the DS-9500 & DS-9000