Leveraging Dictation for Smaller Tasks

Dictation is often thought of in terms of being used for highly important recordings such as courtroom hearings, law enforcement and medical records but dictation recorders can come in handy for much smaller and more routine tasks. Utilizing your digital recorder for quick notes, email drafts, and task lists when you are on the go and need to get something out of your head and on record as soon as possible is a great way to improve your efficiency. Use your voice rather than searching for a pen and paper or booting up your computer and capture that original thought in an instant and carry on with more important tasks. Allow dictation to make both your work and home life more efficient.

Email Drafts on the Go

Being away from your computer can make emailing with coworkers or clients difficult, even when you have a smartphone, because you still may not have the time to get away from what you are doing to type out a response, not to mention the annoyance of typing more than a few words on the tiny cell phone keyboard. Dictation makes this easy, because it allows you to quickly speak out your thoughts while you have them and with the DS-9500 Wi-Fi settings, route the recordings directly into your email. Additionally, with the use of ODMS and delivery email settings on your recorder these drafts can be sent directly to various emails or folders of your choosing. With this capability, you won’t have to count on needing to remember your exact thought for when you do have a moment to type, making dictation ideal for when you are traveling, at an outing or event, or tied up with young children and need to prepare or send an email.

Looking to take it a step further and have those thoughts and emails spelled out for you?  Check out our article on using transcription software with your Olympus Audio device. 

Quick Task Lists & Notes

We all have those moments when we recall something that we need to do, whether it be for work or just something in your daily life to add to your to-do list. Don’t let that thought slip away! Make sure you get it done by quickly recording what task or errand needs to be completed. You can keep an ongoing recording for tasks so that you have them all in one place, and never have to take more than a few seconds to add to it. This also applies to note taking when you are trying to multitask and an idea or noteworthy thought comes to mind, you can quickly record this thought and move on with what you were doing. ODMS combined with the DS-9500’s WiFi and routing capabilities makes it easy to have recordings instantly sent to a folder that will transcribe them into a written document when connected to transcription software. This workflow can be especially useful when considering the time it can take to boot up your computer, open a document and type out your note or task lists, not to mention lag and glitches that can potentially cause you to miss out on important information.

Taking a conference call on the go? Mute your headset and take some verbal follow-up notes.  This can even be done using the VCVA feature, making your to-do list can be simple and hands free.

Maximize your daily routine. Increase productivity time by organizing your daily tasks with dictation. Contact us to learn more.