A Case for Optical Slide Switches

Optical Slide Switches in use

Our digital recorders are designed to simplify your workflow process and increase your overall dictation management efficiency with high quality equipment that’s built to last. One way we works to do just that is by incorporating optical slide switches into recording devices.

In place of a traditional mechanical slide switch, an optical slide switch is meant to withstand the wear and tear of heavy use while maintaining the proper functionality of the start and stop mechanisms on your recording device.

Using optical sensors to recognize the position of the slide switch, the device is able to start, stop and rewind based on what the optical sensor picks up. In essence, this makes your job easier. Not only does the recorder more quickly adapt to your needs, it is easier to use while physically holding it. Using an optical slide switch also means less moving parts on the device overall and as a result, a longer lifespan to get you through your work day everyday.

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