Transcription Software with Olympus Dictation Solutions

When it comes to using dictation and dictation recorders for your line of work it can be crucial to convert your recordings into text, whether it be for important documents or records, or just for a more casual informational email. You may decide to transcribe the recordings yourself, which can be time consuming, or you might hire a transcriptionist to do it for you, which can be costly. The other option is to utilize a speech-to-text software which can easily convert your dictation recordings into neatly organized text, and with recent advancements in transcription software over the years, they have become quite accurate. Conveniently, Olympus Dictation Recorders are designed to be compatible with many of these third party speech-to-text solutions. 

Olympus Compatible Transcription Software

While there are many different third party software options for automated transcription, the most commonly used ones are the various versions of Dragon from Nuance which are fully compatible with Olympus Software and Hardware. Other available solutions include BigHand Transcription, Winscribe Speech Recognition, and Fluency Direct for Practices which are compatible with Olympus recorders and microphones, but not Olympus workflow software.

Dragon Software with Olympus Dictation Solutions

Nuance’s line of Dragon Speech recognition software are some of the leading products in the speech recognition industry and they offer different programs based on the line of work you are in. Dragon software that can be used with Olympus solutions are Dragon Professional and Dragon Legal. Dragon also offers software specific to other industries such as Law Enforcement, Medical and Veterinary. Dragon Professional and Legal (Versions 14 & 15) are fully compatible with Olympus Dictation Solutions, which includes dictation file routing capabilities through ODMS R7. This 3-part combination of Dragon’s AI powered transcription software with the high quality recording power of Olympus Digital Recorders and ODMS R7’s workflow streamlining capabilities makes for a highly efficient solution for turning dictations into written documents. 

3M/MModal Fluency Direct For Practices

For those in the Healthcare industry, Fluency Direct for Practices offers a speech-to-text solution that is fully compatible with most Electronic Health Record systems. This software combined with Olympus Professional Dictation microphones, allows clinicians to conversationally create, edit, and sign clinical notes directly within the EHR templates. Specifically, the RecMic Desktop Dictation series microphones are the most ideal for use with this program and offer features such as antimicrobial surfaces on the microphones, perfect for medical environments. The use of this combination allows for improved speed, accuracy and quality of clinical documentation all while saving you time. 

Improved Accuracy with High Quality Recording

The efficiency that can be achieved when using a speech-to-text software is undeniable and as mentioned previously, the advancements in these software’s ability to accurately identify speech patterns and convert recordings into written documents, has made them near flawless. However, without a recording device that can crisply capture voices while blocking out background and other unwanted noises, the software can only do so much. Poor recordings can lead to errors within the software’s transcription that ultimately can cause issues with miscommunication. That being said, Olympus’ high quality recorders in conjunction with a powerful speech recognition software are a surefire combination for success and efficiency.

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