Olympus Dictation App Registration – Portal

The Olympus Dictation App can be used as a trial version on your mobile device, but to use the licensed version of the App, you must contact a reseller.  The reseller will then invite you via email to register through a form on the Olympus Dictation Portal.  The video below demonstrates how to register your Dictation App through the portal:

Directions for App Registration:

  • To access the portal type in www.dictation-portal.com into your browser
  • Click “New User Registration” link
  • If you work for an organization where you anticipate you will not be the only user, enter the name of the company
  • If you would like to create a personal account, enter your own name
  • Create an account ID, this is what you will use when to login to the portal
  • Create an account password, the password must be between 8-24 letters, numbers and symbols, this will also be used to login to the portal
  • Enter an account email address, all notification emails from the system will be sent to this address
  • The account email address is automatically added as the first author, you can change this, and same for the author ID
  • Enter a destination address, this is for where the author would like their dictations to be sent to
  • Additional authors can be added during the registration process by clicking on the add button, or they can be added at a later stage once you are logged into the portal
  • Click next to proceed to the next page
  • Enter an ODDS Password, this can be different to the login password as this password will be used to connect the app to the license. For security purposes you may choose to keep both passwords separate
  • At this point, you can choose to skip the trial period and go ahead and order some licenses, you will need to select your country and reseller
  • Click next to proceed to the confirmation page Here you can double check that your details are correct
  • Click on the terms of use link in order to agree to the terms of use
  • Click register to complete your account registration
  • You will automatically be logged into the portal
  • You can see the author we added during the registration process

After you have connected your app to the license, you can refresh the page and see that a UUID has been assigned to the license as well as details of the smartphone you are using. App registration should now be complete, if you experience any difficulties please contact our support team.