Digital Voice Recorder & Olympus Dictation App: A Profitable Pair

The Olympus DS-9500 and the Smartphone app work together to keep you connected to your workflow

“Why do I need the Olympus Dictation App if I already have an Olympus professional voice recorder?”

A great complementary tool to the DS-9500 and DS-9000, the Olympus Dictation App, paired with a subscription to the Olympus Dictation Delivery Service (ODDS), enables users to work remotely when their primary device is out of reach without interrupting processes and workflow.

Available for download from the Apple® Store or Google Play®, the app is the perfect accessory for on-the-road dictation and allows ODDS subscription users to record, edit and send files from their iPhone® or Android™ smartphones. For an annual licensing fee, users are able to transmit their files in either DSS or encrypted DSS Pro file format to the Olympus Dictation Management System (ODMS) transcription module, allowing for increased business efficiency and uninterrupted workflow without worrying about compromising security.

  • Easy, intuitive interface
  • Full integration with Olympus Dictation Management System (ODMS) software, providing seamless workflow possibilities
  • Ability to send files individually or in batches via email or the Olympus Dictation Delivery Service (ODDS)
  • Ability to encrypt files for uncompromised security
  • The Variable Control Voice Actuator (VCVA) option, which eliminates “dead air” during dictation

For highest quality audio files and to avoid memory restrictions, users should rely on their primary devices – the DS-9500 and DS-9000

In the event that a user’s smartphone battery runs out while they are dictating, rest assured that the file is not lost and is secure within the Olympus Dictation App.