Building an effective dictation solution. The evolution of ODMS

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Dictation Workflow Software Solutions

Olympus continues to be a leader in effective workflow software, providing a solution to help business professionals save time and resources.  With a continued commitment to excellence, these software solutions have evolved to tackle new challenges and to include best-in-class technologies.  Upgrading to the newest software is encouraged, as older versions may not be compatible with newer operating systems.

DSS Player Pro (R5), 2006 -2012

Prior to the ODMS Software, DSS Player Pro (R5) reigned.  DSS Player Pro was designed specifically to help professionals work more efficiently.  The system boasted a customizable toolbar and a search function. The user could move and manage files, retrieve typed documents, distribute files, and encrypt/decrypt dictations.  The software supported most audio file formats, allowing the user to easily import recordings to send for transcription. Paired with the DS-5000, this was the most innovative solution of the time.

ODMS R6, 2012 – 2018

The next iteration of Olympus’ innovative workflow solutions software was the Olympus Dictation Management System Software (ODMS R6).  This was an industry-leading workflow solution launched with the DS-7000. This new software allowed professionals to send recordings into the software via cradle, USB, email or FTP, eliminating the manual file routing of previous software solutions.  With additional administrative controls, multiple users could be centrally managed, allowing for simpler IT integration. While this software was a great step forward for a fully functional workflow solution, enhancements would allow for a more seamless flow and simpler user experience.

ODMS R7, 2018 – Current

With the desire to continuously improve workflow management, Olympus launched ODMS R7 Software with the DS-9500 and DS-9000 professional recorders.  With a refined user interface and simpler experience and a start-up wizard allowing for easy implementation, the full solution offers flexible and automatic file routing to predetermined destinations via network server, email, FTP using WiFi, LAN or USB connection, while transcribed documents are returned with ease to the original authors.  Files are instantly encrypted with 256-bit security when recording in DSS pro formats, ensuring that only authorized users can access the file. The flow to a transcriptionist or speech recognition software is seamless and additional backup features allow secure storage of files to protect against accidental loss. Although ODMS has always boasted a scalable solution, enhanced IT management features make the newest version even more efficient and completely scalable, to meet business needs no matter the size.

It is important to note, users upgrading their operating system to Windows 10 will also need to be running ODMS R7.  Earlier versions of Olympus software are not supported on the newest Windows platform.