What are Pop Filters in Recorders?

Olympus digital recorders offer a crucial noise-eliminating feature essential to clean, crisp recordings. Equipped with pop filters, Olympus digital recorders can filter out sudden breath noises embedded in speaking, providing clear and easy to understand files.

Pop filters are a series of layered metal or woven nylon circular-shaped discs that create a mesh-like filter. When fast-moving speech passes through them, causing potential popping or cracking sounds, the energy is broken up by the mesh-like filters before it interferes in the recording. 

As the name suggests, they eliminate popping sounds that happen when certain words are spoken. They can also eliminate breath sounds as well as saliva build-up on the microphone.

Pop filters are found on all professionally-used microphones, in recording studios and concert halls. Key to the longevity of the microphone, they help provide crisp, clean recordings by eliminating unwanted noises in speech.