Utilizing WiFi to Boost Dictation Workflow

Back-to-back client meetings or courthouse hearings mean there is no time to dock your device to get your files started in the transcription process.  With a WiFi voice recorder, all you need is a few minutes to step out, make additional comments or notes for the recipient, turn on your mobile phone hotspot and send your files.  Getting your files out sooner means the workflow is more efficient and the whole process moves more quickly.

Detectives, investigators, journalists and consultants all spend time on the road and don’t have time to stop and hook up to a computer.  With the DS-9500, you don’t need to connect your recorder to a laptop or PC, simply connect it to your mobile hotspot and send your dictation as soon as you are complete.  Stop being your own bottleneck in your dictation process.

Every WiFi voice recorder allows for registering to up to 10 different networks, and are easy to configure using the dictation module to enter in your network names and security keys. Once connected to your most commonly used WiFi networks, you will be able to simply walk into your office or home and instantly connect to have your files move along in your workflow with the tap of a button. Having a mobile hotspot configured is highly useful when you are on the go away from any stationary WiFi networks.  Also utilize WiFi for sending your dictation files via email while on the go for instant transfer to yourself, your assistant or transcriptionist.

For detailed guides on how to configure and take advantage of these functions click here.