Upgrading Your Digital Recorder

For a better understanding of your devices, let’s go through an exercise.  How old is your computer? How old is your cell phone? On average, folks in the US keep their computers for 5-8 years and their cell phones for 2-3 years.  How old is your recorder? Is it digital or analog? We are proud to be a manufacturer of high-quality equipment that can be relied on over many years of use.  Looking at some of the digital favorites: 

  • The Olympus DS-4000- launched in 2004
  • The DS-5000 – launched in 2008
  • The DS-7000 – launched in 2012

Just so you don’t have to do the math, that’s 16 years, 12 years, and 8 years ago respectively.

Time for an Upgrade

Are you using one of these legacy products?  If you do and you’re reading this article, we know you love it and rely on it.  While your recorder may still be working, it is definitely time to upgrade. Our devices are designed with the best technology at the time and bundled with the best software available.  For these products (and many others), they have outlived most of their competition and (specifically for the DS-4000 & DS-5000) have far surpassed the time when they should have been retired.  They have been patched, back-doored, and finagled well beyond what is recommended by technical support professionals.

While software is less forgiving than hardware, and your operating system may be requiring an upgrade on that side, do not forget about bringing your recorders up to date as well.

  • Do you have the safest option for your data?  Are your files encrypted?
  • Does your recorder still save you time, or could you be saving more?
  • Is the recording quality still of the highest caliber, or could you use noise cancellation technology?
  • Could you use WiFi for file transfers?
  • Are you working from your office as much as you used to, or are you on the go frequently?

Please contact us, or your dealer to review both hardware and software upgrade options.  Check out our latest digital recorder options here to see which upgrade solution will work best for you!