Software Encryption

Protecting your audio files is simple with Olympus Dictation Management Software encryption options. The video below demonstrates how to encrypt your folders through the software and shows how variations of software and device encryption will affect files.

Configure Encryption Using Software Folders


  1. Start by going to “tools” and click on “Options”
  2. In the Folder Design Section Click on Download Tray and choose the folders you want to apply settings to
  3. Set Encryption to “Yes”
  4. Enter a Password and set encryption level
  5. Once you are happy with settings, click OK

If you already have files in the selected folders that are not encrypted, you will be prompted to encrypt these files, you may select yes or no.

Depending on the combinations of device and software encryption, the software will treat files differently. 

If a folder has been encrypted using the same password for both device and software, the software will not require a password unless the file is moved to a different location.

If a folder is not encrypted on the recorder but is encrypted in the software, the file becomes encrypted at the point of download. If the password has been entered for the software folder, you are not prompted to enter a password to play the file.

If a folder is encrypted on the recorder but not in the software, you will be prompted to enter the password to play the file.

You may also decrypt or encrypt files manually via the software.