Our Legacy: Audio capture since 1969.

“I believe there are two barriers:

the technology barrier and

the barrier of accepted wisdom.

You can’t achieve anything until

you break through both

of these barriers.”


Amidst the diverse array of customer expectations and demands, two key requisites stand out: superior recording quality and user-friendliness. Leveraging the technological expertise and legacy established by Olympus Dictation since 1969, as a pioneering brand in this field, we are committed to not only continue delivering to our customers not only exceptional recording quality and ease of use but also bring additional value. This includes innovative recording and playback features, captivating design, and enhanced power efficiency. We are equally dedicated to pushing the boundaries of the digital voice recorder market by introducing novel ways of utilization that customers may not have conceived. 

In our pursuit of these objectives, OM SYSTEM Audio will uphold our legacy while embarking on new challenges


The world’s first microcassette tape recorder. It used a microcassette tape, which is smaller than a conventional compact cassette, and was equipped with a high-quality microphone. The world’s smallest cassette tape recorder with simple and easy-to-use controls for recording, playback, and rewinding.

Pearlcorder L200

The world’s lightest recorder at the time at just 125g. The L200 included a variety of functions such as head start, voice activated recording (VCVA), and fast listen playback. It also won a Good Design Award in it year of release recognizing the engineering achievements.


Pearlcorder S912

The S912 won both a Good Design Award and an iF Design Award.

Pearlcorder L400

Pioneering recorder as could easily fit in a shirt pocket and at the time release was one of world’s smallest microcassette recorders. It also featured an easy-to-read LCD display depicting tape direction, operation mode and tape counter. Hands free recording was also possible through voice actuation with adjustable sensitivity and remote-control operation (optional) was possible for rewind, record, play and stop functions. The L400 won both a Good Design Award and an iF Design Award for the innovations it brought to market.

Notecorder 400

Our first digital voice recorder, bringing the range into the digital era with in-built memory. The Note Corder 400 aimed to replace note pads and aid organization by allowing the recording of 40 messages and becoming your daily companion to record directions, phone numbers, and to-do lists. 


Olympus’ first fully fledged digital voice recorder, the D1000 (1997), adopted a digital speech standard (DSS) for its recording format, which was formulated as a global standard for dictation use. This device achieved a high data compression rate while maintaining good sound quality. Compact and lightweight, it also received praise as a product that could be used in business as well as in a wide array of other settings due to its portability.

Voice-Trek V-90

A unique ergonomic design, thanks to less mechanical restrictions compared to cassette recorders. New features were introduced including alarm recording and schedule folder function.  The V-90 offered several advantages for personal recording, holding up to 297 messages, Variable Control Voice Actuator (VCVA) and Fast Playback features, with Time/Date Stamping.

Voice-Trek VN-90

The first in the VN range which is still going today.  This recorder featured enough memory to record up to 90 minutes of notes (hence the name), large buttons to make it easy to use and a handy built-in clip so it fit neatly in your pocket.

Voice-Trek DS-1

By employing Smart Media, USB connection and an included PC Application, the DS-1 was designed for ease of use to bring efficiency to dictation workflows. The voice files recorded by a DS-1 could be used with voice recognition software and with the included 16MB of media record up 5 hours and 30 minutes of recording.

Voice-Trek V-10

Also known as the DW-90, this was our first recorder with a highly sensitive directional microphone, proving more accurate recordings than ever before. Compact and lightweight in design, the V-10 could be used in a variety of applications and had an included USB connection kit to enable the transfer of files.


The first professional digital dictation device and part of our digital dictation ecosystem when used with the AS-3000 transcript kit which included a footswitch and DSS Player Pro software to aid transcription of voice files to document. The recorder featured smart media, DSS audio compression and, Variable Control Voice Actuator (VCVA).  

Voice-Trek DM-1

The world’s first MP3 player to feature WOW 3D sound technology from SRS Labs Inc. and our first recorder to allow music playback through the support of MP3 files. The bundle USB connection kit allowed easy connection to PCs and provided a low-cost solution, for users to be able to both record voice files and enjoy music in one device. The bundles Smart Media card allows for up to 44 hours and 40 minutes of voice recording.


Also known as the W-10, this miniature marvel was able to simultaneously record audio and take photographs (stills) with it built in 0.3 mega-pixel camera.


The world’s First audio recorder with high-quality, WMA* -format recording mode. It featured 64 MB internal flash memory records up to 22 hours 20 minutes of sound.


Featuring a bundled remote control with built-in microphone for enhanced ease of operation.  This was our first record to support Stereo Recording via an external microphone.


Perhaps the most innovative aspect of the DS-4000 is its “true slide switch” located below the microphone. It’s contoured to the thumb for smooth control of record, stop, play and review functions all with the same switch.


Also known as the V-20, it incorporated a novel feature which allows the battery unit to be detached from the recorder and plugged directly into a USB port. USB storage-class support enabled it to be used as a portable storage device for documents, images, and other types of files.


An innovative design that featured a removable stereo microphone. It was also our first recorder that allowed you to download and listen to podcasts.


The DirecRec 2000 first USB handheld microphone that allowed real-time dictation into a PC.  A legacy we continue today with the RecMic II.

LS-10 Linear PCM Recorder with High Sound Quality

This linear PCM recorder is compatible with the linear PCM format, an uncompressed digital recording format, and can record with 96kHz/24-BIT sound quality that exceeds that of CDs. Two high-quality microphones positioned at a 90-degree angle on either side of the recorder enable recording of musical instrument performances and bird calls with ultra realistic sound quality. The two microphones are positioned at a 90-degree angle on the left and right sides of the recorder.


Our first professional recorder to feature DSS Pro high-quality sound standard to improve voice recognition. This product was also security-conscious, supporting voice file encryption and fingerprint recognition. 


The next generation DirecRec USB microphone improved upon its predecessor adding a trackball for full mouse control whilst recording.


Setting new industry standards with 256-BIT encryption, an independently housed microphone for improved speech recognition, and enhanced battery life.  This was also our first recorder to feature a colour screen no less.


Combining the high-quality audio recording synonymous of the LS series with the ability to capture HD video.  Designed for blogging musicians, gig enthusiasts and journalists alike.  This really did bring Hollywood to your pocket.


The RecMic II improved speech recognition accuracy with the introduction of our 2-microphone noise cancelling system. Designed for medical practitioners in mind, it featured the unique POLYGIENE® Antimicrobial coating to inhibit the growth of microorganisms, such as bacteria, fungi, viruses, and algae.


Our next generation in professional dictation machines, it’s Intelligent 2-Microphone System used unique audio beamforming algorithms to improved speech recognition even in the most challenging of environments.  Coupled with it’s built-in WIFI allowing you to email dictation wirelessly your transcriptionists.


The launch of our first OM SYSTEM hybrid audio recorder and camera microphone.  Improving on our LS PCM better-than-CD-quality audio capture devices, we introduced 3 directional microphones and Bluetooth connectivity for wireless monitoring and smartphone remote control.


With a heritage of more than 55 years in audio capture, 2024 will see the launch of a new range of hardware and workflow software designed specifically for professionals in mind.  We are excited to continue this journey alongside you.