Olympus Dictation App Registration

The Olympus Dictation App is perfect for users who are dictating on the go and want to stay connected with their workflow while doing so. Registering for the app is simple and a 30 day free trial is available if you do not have an ODDS license. Before the conclusion of the 30 day trial, you will need to contact a reseller to purchase an ODDS license. Watch the video below for app registration instructions:

Directions for Registration:

  • Install the app via the App (iOS) or Play Store (Android)
  • Open the App
  • You will see a notification, click next The “Start Initial Registration” option is for users looking to register a trial account
  • The “Complete User Registration” option is for users who already have an ODDS license and want to connect their app to it.
  • We will be registering for a trial so select the “Start initial registration” option
  • Enter your company name, if this is for personal use, enter your own name, this will be added as your account ID by default.
  • Create an account password, this will be used to login to the Olympus Dictation Portal
  • Once the trial has expired you will need to login to the portal to for all of your licenses
  • Enter an email address for the account, this is where all notifications from the system will be sent
  • Click next
  • The account email address will automatically be added as the author email address, this can be changed as well as the author ID
  • Enter a destination email address this is where all dictations from this user will be sent
  • Additional destination email addresses can be added at a later stage
  • Click Next Create a password for ODDS, this password will be used to activate the app, so it does not necessarily need to be the same as the account password
  • Click next Double check your details on this page
  • Click “terms of use” to be able to agree to the terms of use
  • Click register once you are satisfied that all of your details are correct

You can now start your trial for 30 days

Remember to contact your reseller to purchase a license before this one expires to ensure continuous use.