The Shortest Distance Between You and Your Recordings

While dictating on the go is an essential perk to using Olympus digital recorders, users can also kill two birds with one stone using the CR-21 docking station to charge and record simultaneously, all while being connected to you computer. The CR-21 Cradle is the docking station that allows for easy data transfer between our next-generation Professional Dictation Systems, the DS-9500 and the DS-9000, as well as your PC or Mac. A LAN connection is also available for the DS-9500 model. The CR-21 is compatible with some of the older Olympus Professional Dictation recorders, like the DS-7000. Use your cradle for automatic recharging or hands-free dictation with our optional RS-27H or RS-31H footswitches.

CR-21 Cradle Features:

Olympus CR-21 Multi-Function Cradle
Olympus CR-21 Multi-Function Cradle
  • Multi-Function Cradle
  • LAN Connection for areas where Wi‑Fi is not available (DS‑9500 Model Only)
  • Compatible with DS‑9500, DS-9000, DS‑7000
  • Quick Charging
  • Easily Transfer Files
  • PC or Mac Connection
  • Playback Control via USB Foot Switch RS-31H
  • Hands-Free Dictation via USB Foot Switch RS-31H

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