Announcing Third-Party Compatible Footswitches for Dictation and Transcription Systems

We are pleased to announce new additions to the portfolio: two new professional footswitches that can be used with third-party applications, as well as proprietary Olympus® Dictation Management System (ODMS) software.

Designed primarily for use by secretaries, court reporters and system administrators who take and transcribe dictation, the new RS-31H and RS-27H footswitches improve the speed and efficiency of the recording and transcription processes.

These HID footswitches have two operation modes: one that supports the ODMS software, and a second mode, which, for the first time, supports standard USB keyboard operation. A free downloadable application, the Footswitch Configuration Tool, enables users to program the footswitches so they can alternate between the two operation modes. This tool also allows users to program footswitch pedals to mimic functions handled by keyboard shortcut keys/hot keys in third-party software. Any generic third-party software that supports such keyboard shortcuts will work with the new footswitches.

“These new products operate seamlessly in USB keyboard mode as well as within the ODMS software,” notes Brandon Evans, Product Manager, “both Olympus and third-party applications are now able to be configured by the new footswitches, providing additional functionality to our valued customers.”

Paired with professional dictation systems like the Olympus DS-7000, footswitches make hands-free control of the recording and playback processes easy and convenient.

We continue to invest in innovative products for the professional audio product line and are represented by over 125+ authorized resellers throughout the United States and Canada.

The two new Olympus professional footswitches are:

  • RS-31H – four pedals control Play/Stop, Rewind, Fast Forward and Speed Control; pedals are customizable; locking mechanism lets user lock center and top pedals for use as a footrest; USB connector.
  • RS-27H – three pedals control Play/Stop, Rewind and Fast Forward; pedals are customizable; USB connector.

RS-27H and RS-31H professional audio devices will be available beginning in November. The RS-31H can be purchased by an Olympus authorized pro audio dealer.


  • RS-27H Estimated Street Price: $69.99
  • RS-31H Estimated Street Price: $99.99

Journalists interested in more information about the Olympus RS-27H and RS-31H pro audio devices should contact Brandon Evans, at or 484-896-3229.

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