ME-30W Two Microphones for Interviews & Conferences

While Olympus digital recorders are great for most occasions, especially personal dictations, the ME-30W Microphone kit is an invaluable tool for recording large conferences, interviews and everything in between. The kit features two microphones that can be placed at either end of a conference table up to 16 feet apart for one on one recordings, group settings including concert venues or courtrooms. The ME-30W kit’s two omni‑directional microphones are engineered for seamless compatibility.  The plug-in power system ensures that the microphones will not die out in the middle of being used and there is no need for charging or extra batteries.

The microphones can be attached to the included foldable mini tripods for ideal placement in front of speaking subjects. Having the ability to spread the microphones out allows for the interviewer and subject to have conversations at a safe distance, which has become an increasing need with the spread of COVID-19. The tripods are easily set up and broken down for quick use. 

Built-in low noise, high quality microphone elements can cover a 20Hz – 20,000 Hz frequency bandwidth, making for excellent capturing of voices in large rooms and with 360°coverage, you’ll never miss a contribution ‑ no matter where the speaker is sitting.

After an interview or conference is recorded and may need to be transcribed, the ME-30W is conveniently compatible with Olympus digital voice recorders as well as the PC transcription kit, making for a smooth transition from recording to transcribed notes.

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