Getting the Most Out of Your Dealer Relationship

If you are deciding to equip your business with the power of Olympus Professional Dictation products, or even if you are just curious about any of the products, the first step is to get in touch with a certified dealer partner. Products are available exclusively through the authorized dealer network, and they do much more than just sell the products. Find out more about how your dealer can enhance your experience with Olympus Professional Dictation products below.

Choosing The Best Dealer for You

When it comes to deciding on the dealer that is the best fit for you, the simplest starting points are either the How to Buy page where you can fill out a form and have us put you in touch with a dealer based on your needs, or manually browse vendors on the Dealer page by location. While dealer location may not be a significant factor for some situations, if you are interested in potential in-person set-up assistance and training, then having a dealer nearby is very useful. 

Each dealer can have different offerings and may specialize in different industries (legal, healthcare, government), so it is best to discuss your needs with a couple of authorized dealers. You may find several solutions that suit your business needs and can choose the best solution for your organization. All of our authorized dealers have been evaluated to the highest standards and provide support services, which means finding the solution that fits best with your organization will be a smooth process.

What Your Dealer Can Help You With

Your first discussion with a dealer should involve an initial consultation.  The dealer will be looking to learn more about you and your business or organization. We asked Karen Lenow, President of Infoware, Inc., about dealer-customer relationships and she told us, “One of the most important things from a sales perspective is to know your customer.  It is important to ask questions to determine the workflow, mobility and travel needs, and other technology pain points.” It is important for your dealer to understand all aspects of your business in order to determine how a dictation solution can be implemented to provide the greatest benefit to your organization.

Demos & Tech Support

Beyond setting you up with the most ideal solutions for your business, dealers act as your guide for properly using the hardware and software, and resolving any technical complications that may arise. Lenow mentioned, “It is extremely important to provide installation and support during and after the sale. Knowing how the customer works is critical.” She also notes that personal interactions with customers ensure that they are comfortable with the equipment, and know that they can come to their dealer if they have a question or problem. 

If the dealer has received an adequate amount of information from the customer, they will often be able to customize each device before they ship. If they are unable to pre-customize, they will instruct the customer to reach out as soon as the equipment arrives to make arrangements to connect to their workstations, install software, customize and train each user. Although services vary, authorized dealers adhere to the highest standards of sales and support services.

Upgrade Assistance and New Products

Dealers are also a great resource for news and updates about the latest software and firmware releases, as well as the latest products that may be of interest to you. Many dealers will send personal emails to customers when there are new updates to install, and also informational emails on new and upcoming products. Dealers will also handle your software licensing, retaining the original license in customer files, ensuring that it is not misplaced if needed, or if multi-license files need to be issued. Similarly, dealers will maintain notes of user login information and device configurations for future use or in the case of any issues arising.

In short, your dealer serves as your liaison for deploying, training and supporting your Olympus Professional Dictation solutions. Use some of the tips from this article to help guide your discussions with your dealer.  To start improving your workflow today, head over to our dealer page and find the right one for your organization.