Anti-Microbial Housing on the RecMic II

The antimicrobial housing on the RecMic II is achieved by the technology provided by our supplier Polygiene.

Polygiene antimicrobial technology is based on the natural ability of silver to inhibit the growth of microbes. The Polygiene silver compound is added during the manufacturing process and Polygiene silver ions are released at the surface, which inactivates the microbes upon contact.

Alcohol wipe resistance
Thanks to the alcohol resistance painting, the device can be wiped with alcohol or the like.
You can keep the device clean as needed in the medical environment. The following chemicals can be used for this purpose in order to disinfect various types of substance

  • Ethanol for disinfection (76.9 to 81.4 v/v%)
  • Isopropanol for disinfection (70 v/v%)