ODMS Cloud


OM SYSTEM’s cloud dictation and transcription solution reflects our dedication to innovation and user-centric design, providing unmatched freedom. Record, share audio files instantly, and access transcriptions effortlessly. It’s more than a tool; it’s a companion, seamlessly create dictation and transcribe, anytime, anywhere. Whether on PC, Mac, or smart device, the platform ensures uninterrupted workflow across devices and locations.


Authors upload dictation files to the Cloud, enabling transcriptionists to work from any location, at any time.


A system designed for the features you need, in an interface that is easy and simple to use.


HTTPS protocol with Two-factor authentication to log in.


Built and hosted with the Microsoft Azure.

12-month subscription
Anywhere, anytime access. PC, Mac and smartphone
Instant cloud sharing
Secure online storage
Advanced routing
Sleek and simple GUI
Always up to date with the latest features
Built-in end-to-end security
Workflow management


Thanks to our advanced dictation management system hosted on the cloud, dictations are swiftly distributed to all authorized users across PC, Mac, or our smartphone app. Our platform ensures both security and continuous access to the latest features, eliminating the inconvenience of manual software updates.

Record, share, transcribe: anywhere

ODMS Cloud system facilitates seamless sharing of dictation files between authors and transcriptionists from any location and at any time. With files stored securely in the cloud, the need for a dedicated server is eliminated, making setup quick and hassle-free.

Built-in end to end security

Security is the top priority for both you and your business. Our system guarantees this through end-to-end encryption across all devices. Our web platform operates on HTTPS, encrypting data exchanged between browsers and the website, ensuring protection against tampering or interception by malicious parties. Whether you’re using our Smartphone app or our DS-9100 handheld dictation machine, you can also choose to upload files pre-encrypted at 256-BIT AES for added security.

Access anytime: PC & Smart Device

Whether you’re using a PC, a Mac, or our smartphone app, the ODMS cloud platform bridges the gaps, enabling a seamless workflow that remains uninterrupted, no matter where you are or what device you’re using. All you need is an internet connection.

Instant cloud sharing

ODMS Cloud ensures that your new audio files are instantly available across all your devices, keeping you in perfect sync. Dictation uploaded by authors and the status of transcriptions from the typists are available to all, instantly.

Secure online storage

ODMS Cloud is built and hosted with the Microsoft Azure cloud computing platform. Your data will be stored within your region (USA, Europe or Australia). Not only is security paramount but this means that there is no need to purchase or maintain additional local storage for your business environment. For added piece of mind, you have the option to download and back up all your audio files to local storage at any time, at the push of a button.

Always up to date

Thanks to the ODMS cloud-based dictation system, you’ll enjoy a seamlessly updated experience. We are dedicated to enriching and integrating new features in the future, no need to install patches or reinstall software, new updates are available instantly and to all.


ODMS Cloud prioritizes simplicity. It offers an intuitive browser interface and user-friendly apps for audio file creation, upload, and transcription. It streamlines vital information for authors and transcriptionists, providing efficient organization and management tools.

The apps

ODMS Cloud apps: Web, Desktop, Smartphone, and Device Customization.
Web app: browser access for recordings and progress tracking.
Desktop app: Windows PC/MAC, for uploading, dictation, transcription.
Smartphone app: recording, editing, direct cloud upload.
Device Customization: USB-connected, template-based settings management, import/export support.

Built-in end to Clear and simple interfacesecurity

We have meticulously crafted ODMS Cloud to provide a refined and straightforward interface. By decluttering unnecessary information, we ensure a user-friendly experience tailored to your needs. This simplicity not only enhances ease of use but also boosts productivity and reduces mental strain, allowing you to focus on your tasks with clarity and efficiency.

Streamlined for users

Authors and typists require access solely to essential information, ensuring simplicity. Administrators’ privilege settings guarantee personal dictations and completion progress visibility. Authors view only their recorded dictation files and their statuses, while transcriptionists access files recorded by the assigned author. If multiple transcriptionists are assigned to one author, all assigned transcriptionists can view the files. This streamlined approach enhances productivity by eliminating unnecessary distractions.


Managing a large volume of audio files becomes efficient with prioritization options. Filter files by status (uploaded, in progress, pending, or finished) or organize them by various criteria such as job number, author, work type, length, or dictation & transcription start and end dates. This streamlines workflow and enhances productivity.

Audio playback control

In ODMS Cloud, authors and transcriptionists benefit from comprehensive playback features. They can play, rewind, and fast forward audio files at their convenience, with speed control options ranging from 50% to 200%. Noise cancellation functionality ensures optimal audio clarity. Volume control allows for fine-tuning audio levels, while the ability to add or remove index marks offers organizational flexibility. Status updates inform users of file progress, whether pending or finished. Furthermore, priority settings enable efficient task management by allowing users to designate tasks as normal or high priority, ensuring timely completion of urgent assignments.

Supported audio formats

ODMS Cloud provides extensive playback support for a variety of file formats including DS2, DSS, WAV, and MP3, ensuring compatibility with diverse recording preferences. Whether encrypted or unencrypted, users can seamlessly access and review their audio files with ease, enhancing flexibility and convenience in dictation management.

Supported web browsers

ODMS Cloud supports Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome for Windows, ensuring seamless accessibility. MacOS users benefit from Safari compatibility, guaranteeing a smooth browsing experience.


In ODMS Cloud, administrators have the flexibility to adjust multiple configurations on the web application, including user management, license management, inventory overiew, issuing license requests, and workflow design, all accessible through the ODMS Cloud web interface. Additionally, crucial details such as license usage status and expiration dates are conveniently presented in a comprehensive list format, streamlining administrative tasks and enhancing efficiency.

Workflow Setup

Transcription Group Configuration: Streamline rule-setting for groups. Especially useful for multiple Authors. Worktype ID/Option Item Setup: Classify Dictation files for better organization. Define Worktype ID and add detailed info with Option Item. (DS-9100 and Smart app only)

Configuration and Routing

Enhance efficiency with ODMS Cloud. Tasks are assigned based on Author or a combination with Worktype. Register default templates based on Author and Worktypes, auto-opening for transcription. Simplify by transferring Worktype ID to Recorders via USB. Assign a transcription group to each Author.


ODMS Cloud simplifies budgeting with its subscription-based service, eliminating upfront costs. Each 12-month license not only provides financial predictability but also includes 5GB of shared storage for seamless collaboration among all users. This ensures efficient resource allocation, cost control, and enhanced teamwork, fostering productivity and innovation within your organization.



• OM SYSTEM – DS-9100, DS-2700

• Olympus – DS-9500*, DS-9000, DS-2600


• OM SYSTEM foot pedals- RS-31N, RS-28N, RS-27N

• Olympus foot pedals – RS-31H, RS-28H, RS-27H

Try ODMS Cloud

The ODMS Cloud subscription is available for a 30 day, no obligation free trial. Speak to one of our certified partners within your region to find out more.